Wednesday, September 02, 2009


از فيس بوك آرش

nemidoonam bayad che nazari dad, bazi dardha rooozi khande mishan, roozi yek dard khande mishe ke talkhisho az dast mide, in dard hich vaght be kalame tabdil nakhahd shodm hamvare boghz khahad mand, boghzi bar galooye azadi
Baa salam

Excellent article, Thoroughly enjoyed it. I would like to make one point:
I think, one cannot argue that since our uprising have been able to utilize the New Media, to its utmost, then, that is the reason for the democratic nature of the uprising. One can argue that the reason for the absence of hierarchical organization and presence of vertical one is because, the uprising takes place within the context of the political resistance of more than 100 years, in which we observe three revolutions and varies socio-political upheavals. The absence of hierarchical leadership is the result of this historical experience and not only because of the New Media. For example, do you think that if Musavi, in the absence of New Media would issue statements, then people would follow it without critically interact with it? I don't think so, however the role of NM is to makes the spread of information and ideas in a shorter time and enable people to hear each other better. In that sense it has enabled this democratic movement to exercise the democratic culture, which has already being developed as the result of over 100 years of struggle.
Recently many argue that the present young generation are more politically mature than the generation of 79 revolution. That is the correct argument, but they forgot to draw a causal relationship between the two. They are wiser, precisely because they have the experience of 79 revolution.
It is like arguing that the French revolutionaries in 1848 were more mature than those who stormed the Bastille in 1789. Of course they were, but that was because their grandparents storm the Bastille.
Mahmood delkha(a)steh)
نمیدونم درست فکر میکنم یا میبینم، آیا طرح خونی که روی صورت دختر نقاشی شده (که به احتمال قوی الهام گرفته از تصویر ندا باشه) وجود داره تداعی کننده داس و چکشه یا نه؟
خوشحال میشم نظرتونو بدونم.
گمان مي كنم كه تصوير فوق عينا شبيه صورت خونين ندا باشد. تشابه آن با علامت داس و چكش خيلي دور از ذهن من است.
تا آنجايي هم كه تصويرگر را مي شناسم، گمان نكنم كه داس و چكش مد نظرش بوده باشد.
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